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tv   The Afghan Report  PBS  January 5, 2014 11:50pm-12:01am PST

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on a team bbq at our unit steve the one pounds and fourteen. fourteen has the right address on the sun it is more than just an idea on the political front the aisle with the bloc challenging and testifying for people in the next time we take a look. he embodies an abn has being going predicted but who doesn't fourteen seems to be more challenging. as most went to sleep without. and this edition elections come into our share in the piece went on to shoot some hanukkah is the right to elect a successor. but it will be an easy going in the country could fall as don't be mentioned on the back of the north nuggets. most important issue at this juncture the means to signing up by doctors security agreement on bbc. they decide to do with the united states be no guns down. politicians in the guys dun see the deep meanings is important to
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logan's on its future. we need water whilst said that the man to secure a second eamon has been signed and dated opens that door will form the basis that it should fall but the security and also for the top. i am at peace process. but if it gets postponed its markets and raised in wilkinson would dominate the school staff and desist. this is what we don't want a nation. that's why in the gym that people are hunting for the princeton to sign the unclean meats before the auction. yukon government as philosophy is to leave the stilts with the dotted line. in the country has been the scene say the insecurity the daily beast that is not too casual. he's been to one fifty one in two thousand taking adult and tnt full for you daily and the casualties among the gun on me and police post in two thousand seven hundred sixty seven. up till one thousand eight
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hundred seventy million people. the figures underlined the deed is deceased instance he says. as in not to mention me as it stands. this winter's night calling on the dotted line to have bbc and consistency full forward and to keep to put down the guns and participate in the sunday was the one vicodin but you should get a minute it's fun day and a baby is due to be with you but devo song. stop in and some of the button and it all depended on the time that you do for you and love the gg got a shot of one of the cyclone all the problems would be done and it's cotton the people of the nice townhouse to go and don't be to live peacefully and steve knife. but it did on the binding piece to join the peace process followed by a success with johnson and insecurity and the discounted
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c two thousand fourteen s riding with them. i did last august on as white about decline in the economy since the us and other foreign troops would stop the growing this cia report. what's new is shopping center and its facilities at tdc my standpoint as peaceful environment and sixty shops but twenty oh three action packed games. the situation may need to be on the laundry done to secure the td. i now hear its troops to stay behind after done that on the cia. id if things didn't go as they passed each tiny cheer up comic oreos and trust me it's time to get this all the mother of one of the annual bus back to some of them on the cross and the guy wanted some other shots that day that saw the bomb about the respective upon a yes monday i cashed out of the dollar back on the delta by the tutsi to reach agreement on the scene that simple. i don't eat the intel has a young age and
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into friday. and that striving and sew it into line with the cutest card the shin splints on one counseling advice take the time and kind. it's been kind to its east side stall to stall and content of the nineteen inch to force them into handing over nine years that the divine. as part of the beastie. the team on the cd which i've cut and cut into two and a cardinal you've done. prices for hh and five blog because cities and cooking gets out of my aunt east applied to the last ten fifteen years we were neighbors too. to build an infrastructure and economy and it's very important for us. the un system ought to have been pushing fun and i eat and be content for signing the deal. or for that price they may not be until after the election schedule each one makes a pretty good wednesday's decision. a large number of people from
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both godson who have migrated to india due to protect them and said lt d i'm not living a peaceful life in india they content to cruise up the content and food. today focused on the top of that team off of the ne quiz team in new delhi. a visit to peace now my continue daily is in sum these senate to visiting dublin. and it's true that binds to the pin on the eastern cities. those who love the guy beacuse have many options to choose from the input of non core to the bomb on to do with anything is sending a tradition of the nice guy you're going to be seen as a blend of central asia and east indies in salvation. i made and east into scenes mundine is a chain of us donned a suit on senior day leak that says tradition of conflict of the people of chile living between two of them. in a couple times would
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so this either late to leno the bohemian be better as seventh and is the first two days of chinese food. but most of them don't. although the band was even more so. we left to them to the needs of any. i think wd idea and the undead but as some of the casino instead of being called the itt. many students to love guys dun find it to the good food at the steps announced on the left and i didn't intense day. it is estimated that about ninety percent of customers and insisted on side of guns this article on the nation of three donkeys in onions and indians. when they have some space center tradition of getting stuck. denise has come of the state. he said that the house for a new body can withstand a speech you can slice it. they do dishes
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stacy my study of the least how do you know it does start to come. that's what he can hear what the new medium got. because indiana throes of a less spicy heat of the featured speaker on the head. wood piece i bought the filly standing ties between india and afghanistan as in the gym but also many good to list some of the nice kind visit india. the pope the idea of days of guidance in all he's been in peace it's as strong relationship between d and imax sized long pants. so the air they got that here in indy and we have the time. the obscene wealth under the joint called the ideals of doggie food in the country more sets out to its unexpected to come up when we come to the end of this week's episode of god is not a lot. i wonder should not be taking a leave we will be back next week with one news and views of god the son
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goodbye and put the muffins my name is maria was ready and then our streets the kids from here on. i've been thinking more than ten years. i'm asking you to see the team on tuesday to the store. my guides. i couldn't imagine be done then i can think. it's all its npt to the music. give me some jewelry nineteen twenty the communication something i just thought that the pain and then finish. i don't know then i can use the area i just get out of my system
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i for sure if the tournaments in eng and entertainment. two on and on and yes he may as well. here are the navigation or teaching. sen constable on cuisine honored language. you know he's the snow up there on it. nor is this the theater company through the sand and a steel arch
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